Photographer: Georges Antoni
Videographer: Dylan Buzolich
Stylist: Karla Clark
Make Up: Rae Morris
Hair: Darren Borthwick
Talent: Asja Collings
Talent: Alish Kaleda

Collection 07 | Fall 2022


Venerated for its grace and majesticity since the beginning of time, the horse has inspired our creative minds from the cave walls to the canvas, inhabiting the open plains as well as the air and sea according to popular legend and folklore. Its silhouette alone denotes strength and a fluidity of movement…with the equestrian harnessing nature’s opposing forces in order to derive form and structure through the art of dressage.

Alémais have drawn upon the historical fellowship between the horse and rider, as well as Lesleigh Jermanus’s own memories growing up in the saddle to create their 2022 Fall Collection.

At this junction, streamlined corsets with detailed stitching reminiscent of the horse’s bridle intersect with ruffled-neck blouses - inspired by women riding side saddle, and cascading ruffles in traditional dress. Loose-form midis and shirt dresses are woven from contrasting textures of spliced jacquard silk, linen and ramie fibres.

Artful proportions in shimmering puff sleeved cut out dresses - or faux suede worn by the farrier converge with delicate silk georgette. Similarly, unique pieces like Spades and Ramona feature detailed embroidery and traditional crochet reminiscent of the ornate designs prominently featured in saddlery.

Vintage jockey silks inspired linear floral placement prints in lemon paisley bodice dresses and burgundy twin sets. Whilst hand drawn mysticism motifs tilts a hat to the avant-garde art movements who favoured the steed as their prominent muse, placing original artist watercolour designs on 100% linen sets and dresses.

Committed to building and nurturing working relationships with local artisans, the Alémais 2022 Fall Collection will coincide with the release of their own line of bespoke jewellery - featuring hand-melted gold hoops, fine crafted stirrup earrings and a mother of pearl horse shoe pendant.

Anticipating rebirth and regeneration, Fall 2022 rouses muted autumnal shades of rust, sandstone and sepia, alluding to old photographs or fallen leaves. Contrasting tones of celestial blue, fuschia and burgundy, evoke images of cool skies and forest fruits, providing the palette with a seasonal balance.

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