Creative Director - Lesleigh Jermanus
Photographer - Daniel Goode
Videographer - Felipe Hernandez
Stylist - Caroline Tran
Make Up Artist - Rae Morris
Hair Stylist - kyye
Jewellery - Louise Olsen // Dinosaur Design
Talent - Emma Boyd and Anjali Torvi

“I began the design process for FALL through collaboration with the artisans and suppliers that we work with. Celebrating old techniques, that are handed down through generations, is an intrinsic part of our brand identity.

We sat and discussed each style, to ensure the relationship between the artisan and the women who would wear the garment is harmonious. I wanted these pieces to feel special, like a treasure you would find in your grandmother’s closet that transcends time and place.”

- Lesleigh Jermanus, Founder & Designer



Introducing “Isla”, the FALL 2021 collection from ALEMAIS that explores the tension between femininity and urban utility.

Isla brings a mood of opulence as sculptural silhouettes are paired with artisan fabrications. Across the collection voluminous sleeves and high necklines are teamed with open backs and immaculate tailoring for a sultry twist. The Rhea story brings to life this vision, crafted in brilliant gold jacquard hand-loomed in India.

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